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seal comics food police

escape the food police In a dystopic future where junk food has been outlawed, Scooter and Alx agree to help their friend smuggle an illegal stash of cookies.

But fanatical government agents will do whatever it takes to enforce pointlessy oppressive health regulations and ruin everyone's fun...all in the name of keeping us safe!

Let's hope that this graphic novel remains a work of comedic satire and not an eerie prophecy...

(On sale now!)

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graphic novel illegal success

In an effort to enforce new environmental regulations, the federal government passes a law requiring everyone to drive fuel efficient vehicles.

However, the favored vehicle is one manufactured by an incompetently managed car company that enjoys strong ties with government officials.

Tired of seeing their tax money wasted on the poorly designed contraption, Alx & Scooter create their own.

But as their innovation gains unexpected popularity, the seals become political targets in this tale of cronyism and corruption.

But it's only a piece of fiction. This could never happen in America, right?



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