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Welcome to the storybooks page!

Here you'll find stories of Alx and Scooter's adventures as Ninja Seals. These children's books available both in print and Amazon Kindle formats.

Alx (pronounced "Alex") and his cousin Scooter are two ordinary seals by day. And at night, they dress up as ninjas! From the shadows, they fight crime and help other seals. 

When a large, mysterious monster appears and commits a series of strange robberies, the ninja seals take action in order to protect their beloved town. But how will they thwart a nearly unstoppable enemy? 

And when they uncover a plot that's bigger, more dangerous (and more goofy) than anyone could have imagined, the ninja seals will have to use every ounce of their ninja skills to save the day!

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Alx and Scooter return for another adventure!

One evening while busy in a workshop, someone - or something - starts banging on the front door! Before they know it, Alx and Scooter are called into action again. And this time, they’re up against a large, metal monstrosity!

What is its purpose? What does it want?

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Alx and Scooter are back with their first non-fiction book!

In it, you'll find some really mindblowing information about the world! Can elephants jump? Which mountain is the tallest? What do sea lions do when they hear music?

Read the book to find out, and learn many more weird and amazing facts!

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One night, Alx and Scooter are attacked by a sea turtle! But unlike most sea turtles, this one is wearing a jetpack and armed with a missile launcher!

What on earth is going on? The ninja seals are back in another hilarious, action-packed adventure!

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Continuing the events of Book 4...

Alx and Scooter follow the mystery of the sea turtles, only to discover a dangerous conspiracy involving a familiar nemesis!

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