Joe Yang is the creator of SEALCOMICS. 

He is a children’s book author, web cartoonist, and graphic novelist. At the age of two, while on a trip to Vancouver, Canada, Joe encountered seals and seal lions for the first time. He was instantly mesmerized by those silly creatures, and has been a fan of them ever since.

With a passion for art and storytelling, it is no surprise that those flippered animals often find their way into the majority of Joe's work. 

As an author, Joe’s goal is to encourage children, particularly young boys, to develop an interest in reading. 

Joe graduated from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY with a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema/Photography and Spanish. He went on to complete a Masters Degree in Digital Imaging and Design from New York University. 

He is also a full-time Argentine Tango instructor, and regularly teaches at tango festivals throughout the US. In a partnership with occupational therapy researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Joe also teaches tango to patients in treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.